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There is a way to move forward.

Empowering young women through artistry and enterprise; providing a place for hope and discovery, and a step towards healing, self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer vocational training, enhance job skills, and provide short-term job opportunities for young women surviving and emerging from challenging circumstances.

We strongly believe that artistry can play a crucial role in healing and self-reliance, and we are dedicated to promoting these principles in all our endeavors.

Our mission is to establish a nurturing setting where young women can acquire new skills, boost their self-assurance, and take a step towards independence and financial autonomy.

creating opportunity for those stepping out of difficult circumstances

With a passion for assisting others in regaining stability and progressing, we utilize small-batch, handcrafted goods with limited availability to foster sustainable, marketable skills and offer practical experience. By creating employment opportunities, generating income, and imparting occupational skills, we aim to serve as a stepping stone for young women towards a better future.

What We Offer

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Offering the opportunity to create and develop an artisan trade, designing and creating marketable products.

Practical Experience

Gain real marketable skills to use as a foundation for future opportunities: item concept and production, marketing, fulfillment, to back-office accounting.


Short-term employment opportunities to practice occupational skills and earn a small income.

Our Impact Goals

  • multiple young women employed concurrently
  • place young women in permanent jobs
  • build awareness of survivors in our communities
  • increase purposeful purchases
  • build network of volunteer coaches and mentors

Be Part of the Solution

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Share your time and talents with us. Teach a job skill. Mentor a young woman. Help with a large project. We all have something to give.

Shop with purpose. Each purchase not only supports the artisans financially, but also emotionally gives them encouragement and a sense of value. Your support enables us to train, develop, and mentor additional young women.

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Donations to A Firm Foot Forward provide the means to serve more young women by providing additional mentoring, coaching, job training, and employment opportunities.

Who We Are


We are a registered 501c3 charitable organization incorporated in the state of Georgia. Our Articles of Incorporation were filed in January 2022.


The organization was founded for the purposes of creating educational, training, and charitable opportunities for those seeking to improve their situations and move from difficult circumstances through discovering and developing sustainable and marketable job skills. To develop a collaborative environment to facilitate the exchange of ideas and skills, and to raise funds to employ persons otherwise unable to enter the workforce.

A Firm Foot Forward is currently governed by a five-member Board of Directors led by three officers consisting of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Contact Us

9539 Hwy 92 #180, Woodstock, GA 30188



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